19Nov 2010


"Entangle Mental" is RELEASED!

Download it here see the artwork on my blog.

Check out my blog, http://blog.balsaracers.com for updated info; it's a lot easier to update there.


04April2010 Here is how my day started. But it's getting better!

Bug In My Coffee


New Song! Hear Those Words (Featuring Paul Kandera on slide guitar and interstitial guitar bits)


Words Have Weight


Open Eyes

It's pretty close to done but needs some tweaking, but I'm throwing it out there all the same, before I suck all the life out of it. Other free songs available at the Music tab above.

Bands with whom I perform and record:

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Balsa Racers is in the studio (constantly) writing and recording new music. For an RSS feed when things are added, check out the Blog.

G.O.Recording is accepting clients:

Email: oscarlaun@balsaracers.com or Call 210.464.0614 for more information. Ask for Oscar.